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Who we Are.

ChildLinK works towards the protection of children against abuse and exploitation, including physical, sexual, emotional, neglect and commercial. ChildLinK aims to strengthen protection networks, systems, policies, procedures and approaches for further impact on the cause

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The Child Rights Alliance.

The Child Rights Alliance is a collaboration of civil society, government agencies, the community and all stakeholders to protect at least 6,000 children from abuse. ChildLinK and the Rights of the Child Commission will be the leading organizations in this alliance.

The Alliance has four major objectives:

  • To build the capacity of Community Based Organizations in Regions 3, 4 and 5 to conduct sensitization sessions, provide child care counselling and parenting skills education in an effort to increase awareness of the rights and responsibilities of the child, child abuse and child protection measures.
  • To further build the capacity of Community Based Organizations in Regions 3, 4 and 5 to engage and mobilize stakeholders in their respective region to form a regional network whose aim is to advocate and implement better child protection policies and procedures.
  • To produce four thematic research papers to better understand the situation in Guyana as it relates to child abuse. The findings of these research will guide the formulation of policies.
  • To engage the public through a public education campaign on the findings of the four thematic papers. This will increase general awareness of child abuse and the need for child protection.
  • The Child Rights Alliance is committed to a better Guyana. Child protection is a matter of national development. Children will one day assume leadership in all aspect of Guyanese society: economic, political, cultural and social. It is therefore incumbent upon us to create an environment which will realize their holistic development and by extension, a bright future for our beloved Guyana.

Meet our partners

Patentia Achievers

PATENTIA ACHIEVERS is a Community Based Organization, located at 63, Patentia East, West Bank Demerara. This organization was registered in the year,2018. It was established to serve the Vulnerable Groups in Patentia and the neighboring communities. The

main objective is to Empower Families and Prevent Gender Base Violence, Domestic Violence, & Child Sexual Abuse at the community level, through Awareness Sessions, Training and Referral services. PATENTIA ACHIEVERS entered into partnership with the Non- governmental organization CHILDLINK, on their Project: Recovery Safeguarding Reintegration Project, at Patentia Primary School, to serve vulnerable children, their parents and many other families in the communities.

The Orchid Foundation

The Orchid Foundation provides much needed psycho social support to residents in Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara for over seven years. Orchid collaborates with Mercy Hospital to provide a monthly medical outreach to residents. Additionally, they provide counselling to victims of domestic violence and child abuse. Skills training is provided to members of Orchid’s women group so that they can add much needed income to provide for their family. There is also a youth group which provides wholesome activities and moral training to keep the youth occupied. The Orchid Foundation operates the Crisel Academy of Excellence which provides nursery, primary and secondary education at a minimal cost to cater for families in Parfaite Harmonie who cannot cover transportation cost for their children out of the community.

Hope For All

Hope for All (HFA) is a non-profit Non Governmental Organization (NGO) based on the Essequibo Coast in Region Two of Guyana as a response to the HIV epidemic in 2001. The agency has helped to address the major social issues in the community with the development of many vital programmes geared towards those people infected and affected by HIV. As an organization Hope For All has quadrupled in size since its inception and now contains four autonomous departments all designed to address different aspects of the disease and its effects on the population. Every year, HFA looks for new ways to expand its services and grow in scope and effectiveness to help eradicate the plight of HIV/AIDS in Guyana.

The Deaf Association of Guyana Inc.

The Deaf Association of Guyana Inc. (DAG) is a non-profit organisation grounded in the Deaf community, an advocate and facilitator since 2008. DAG incorporates the visual and performing arts and sport as catalysts to empower Deaf youth; it lends its efforts towards improving the formal education offered to Deaf students, their subsequent employability and entry into the world of work. Over the years DAG has collaborated with private, public and international agencies and individuals to bridge the gap between the hearing and the Deaf, with a primary focus on the role of Sign Language for the Deaf in accessing information and services. In its work, DAG is cognisant of additional challenges faced by Deaf girls and women and by Deaf persons living in more remote areas. 

Heavenly Light World Outreach Fellowship

Heavenly Light World Outreach Fellowship is a religious organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the community. Heavenly Light was established in 1960. It is currently located in Albouystown and makes its presence felt in a positive way. They have served their community by providing skills based training in areas such as computer studies and small business management. The church also has a feeding programme, a free day care service and a 24 hours suicide hotline.

Family Awareness Consciousness Togetherness (FACT)

FACT is a Non Governmental Organization based in Corriverton Corentyne Coast and has been functioning since 2000. FACT is dedicated to working closely with the core unit of society: families; in order to impact the community. They provide HIV counselling, family counselling and capacity building training.

Mothers’ Union

The Mothers’ Union (MU) is a Faith Based Organization and the Women’s Arm of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Guyana.  This global  organization, with a rich and noble  history, is 140 years old  but has served Guyana for 90 years. Their membership is over 2,000 in 17 MU regions.

The Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD)

The Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) was founded on June 7, 2003, by Joel Simpson. What began as a tertiary-based student lobby group of mostly University of Guyana students has today blossomed into a full-fledged organisation that is the leading voice on LGBT issues in Guyana, and an indigenous model of LGBT organising in the wider Caribbean region. We are now an independent non-governmental, non-profit, civil society organisation funded by grants from various international organisations and governments promoting human rights and good governance.

National Commission on Disability

National Commission on Disability is a semi governmental organization that works towards protecting the rights of people with disabilities. The Persons with Disabilities Act 2010 identifies the National Commission on Disability as the focal point on disability in Guyana.

United Bricklayers

The United Bricklayers NGO was registered under the friendly society act on the 9th May, 2009. UB is a non-political, non- discriminatory, non- governmental membership based organization which facilitates and advocates for the social- economic development of the most vulnerable and the creation of social structures that address issues of care, support and prevention , working in partnership with relevant organizations and the broader community.

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