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The Mothers’ Union (MU) is a Faith Based Organization and the Women’s Arm of the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Guyana.  This global  organization, with a rich and noble  history, is 140 years old  but has served Guyana for 90 years. Their membership is over 2,000 in 17 MU regions.

The Mothers’ Union is governed by a Constitution and the day to day administration is managed by an Executive Committee which reports to the MU Diocesan Council, the highest decision making body.

The Mothers’ Union is concerned about the plight of our young, single mothers and children, especially those who are subject to neglect. MU operate two Day Care Centres which are located in Queenstown and Bourda. These Centres cater for babies, toddlers and pre- schoolers.

Through various outreach programmes, MU strives to bring relief to families and individuals (including youths and young adults) who are facing difficult times in their lives.

VISION:   To encourage parents in their role and increase the stability of family life .

MISSION STATEMENT:  To equip communities to extend their parenting skills, build relationships and contribute to the stability of family life in society.


  1. Establish community support networks of teams to encourage parents in their role.
  2. Empower parents to respond to the process of growth and development of their children.
  3. Support families and communities to respond positively to the social challenges of parenting.

MU’s office is located at 144 Oronoque and Lance Gibbs Streets, Queenstown, Georgetown. Tel. No. 223 0289.

Some of MU’s outreach programmes are:

  • School Feeding
  • Visits to hospitals
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Preparing breakfast for senior citizens
  • Church and community mobilization process- Awaken
  • Skills Training for School Drop outs.

Through the Parenting Programme Parents and Carers are given special skills and techniques free of cost on how to parent their children in the 21st century.