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Our Vision.

A guyanese Society that recognizes that every child has the right to a safe and secure family and community

Our Mission.

To empower children, families and communities, and support government, to provide the best environment for children to develop to their fullest potential.


ChildLinK will builds and sustains strong collaborative relationships with stakeholders in government and civil society to empower children, families, and communities with knowledge and skills to create safe spaces for children to develop their full potential. We introduce innovative solutions and approaches to strengthen services and increase access to those services to accomplish our vision.

ChildLink's 2030 strategy has three strategic priorities.

Empowerment of children

ChildLinK will support the empowerment of children with knowledge and skills to claim their rights, to protect themselves, and be agents of change in their families and communities. ChildLinK will focus on delivering projects in line with three strategic focus areas, i.e. three groups of vulnerable children:

  • Children experiencing abuse in the family and community (physical, sexual and emotional abuse), and neglect resulting in further abuse and deprivation
  • Children needing alternative care options/family based care.
  • Children in conflict with the law.
  • Children with disability

Empowerment of families

Empowerment of families, caregivers, community groups, service providers, duty bearers, and other stakeholders with the knowledge and skills to protect children by preventing the violation of children’s rights and intervening to restore to health, safety and security for those children whose rights to life, survival and development have been violated.

  • Building/engaging international and local partnership infuse with knowledge and skills
  • Developing local network of CSO in protecting and preventing abuse of children

Strengthening of ChildLinK

To increase the impact of its work with children and key stakeholders

  • Increased Advocacy – ChildLinK has greater influence in advocating in Guyana for policies, systems and practices which aim to reduce violence and the number of children without parental care.
  • Maintain high standards of accountability and transparency – ChildLinK is an accountable and effective organization.
  • Expand Funding initiatives – ChildLinK raises income from a mixed portfolio of income streams to bring about lasting positive changes in the lives of children, their families, communities and society as a whole.
  • Researching and developing approaches to set up new services, (re)integrate children to family based care and increasing prevention strategies and awareness to reduce abuse against children.

2030 Strategy.

2030 Strategy at a glance

ChildLinK’s programmatic focus will aim to increase access to intervention services so that children who are victims of violence and abuse can receive psychosocial support and their parents/carers will be equipped with knowledge and skills to protect them from further abuse. Additionally, our prevention focus will aim to support adults/parents/carers to acknowledge children’s rights as human rights. ChildLinK will engage grassroots groups to sustain prevention initiatives; increase national and local awareness of children’s rights and sustain constructive engagements with government to hold them accountable for ensuring that children’s rights are protected; finally, ChildLinK will be a strong and steady partner to stakeholders by strengthening our internal capabilities while developing a profitable social enterprise for effective fundraising capacity independent of government and international donors.

Frequently AskedQuestions.

ChildLinK is a not for profit, non-governmental organization that plans and implements projects designed to prevent child sexual abuse and provide services to victims of child abuse. We work closely with government, civil society organizations and other stakeholders to ensure that children can grow up in a safe environment, free from abuse, so that they can grow up to achieve their full potential.

The Protection of Children Act 2009 section 7 subsection 1 states that anyone knowing of a situation where a child needs protective intervention must report the situation to the Childcare and Protection Agency (CPA). Anonymous reports of child abuse can be made to the CPA on telephone number 227 0979 or 914.

ChildLinK is not a department of the Childcare and Protection Agency. We are an independent, non-governmental organization. However, the CPA is mandated by law to execute certain functions and services with respect to children’s welfare.

ChildLinK operates within the child protection system operationalized by the CPA to support the CPA and other stakeholders to ensure that children in Guyana are protected from abuse and receive care and support when needed.

ChildLinK provides a number of services within Guyana’s child protection system and in collaboration with stakeholders such as the Childcare and Protection Agency, Guyana Police Force, Chambers of the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Judiciary, among others.

ChildLinK provides services to children and families such as trauma counselling, parenting skills education, court support and forensic interviews to victims of child sexual abuse. ChildLinK also supports the CPA in the reintegration of children from orphanages to family based care. Additionally, we support the integration of children with mild autism to mainstream public schools.