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The Deaf Association of Guyana Inc. (DAG) is a non-profit organisation grounded in the Deaf community, an advocate and facilitator since 2008. DAG incorporates the visual and performing arts and sport as catalysts to empower Deaf youth; it lends its efforts towards improving the formal education offered to Deaf students, their subsequent employability and entry into the world of work. Over the years DAG has collaborated with private, public and international agencies and individuals to bridge the gap between the hearing and the Deaf, with a primary focus on the role of Sign Language for the Deaf in accessing information and services. In its work, DAG is cognisant of additional challenges faced by Deaf girls and women and by Deaf persons living in more remote areas. 

Vision: Equality and inclusiveness for all members of the Deaf community.

Mission: Realise the rights of the Deaf as regards to their language and culture, ensure their full access to all essential services, particularly education, health and employment.