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One Life Too
  • Goal : 35 000$
  • Target: 50 000$

The One Life Too project aimed to support the adoption and implementation of the Special Education Needs (SEN) policy by the Ministry of Education (Guyana) for integrating children with mild autism into mainstream schools. The project focused on multiple fronts: strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations to lobby the Ministry of Education (Guyana) for the adoption and the implementation of the SEN policy and integrating 60 boys and girls with mild autism into mainstream schools in Guyana and Jamaica. Focus was also placed on strengthening the capacity of Education Officers and teachers to integrate boys and girls with mild autism into mainstream schools in Guyana and Jamaica, strengthening the capacity of parents of boys and girls with mild autism to support the integration of their children into mainstream schools in Guyana and Jamaica and conducting annual public education campaigns to raise awareness of the rights of children with mild autism.

  • The One Life Too project has made a significant contribution to the progress Guyana has made in addressing the needs of child learners with a disability. Some notable achievements include:

    1. Seventy-one (71) children with mild autism in Guyana and Jamaica and their parents/caregivers received support from ChildLinK and Community Based Rehabilitation Jamaica (CBRJ) to integrate into mainstream schools compared to the set target of 60.

    2. One hundred and eighteen (118) teachers (including 6 males and 112 females) of children with mild autism from Guyana and Jamaica received training and provided support to children. These educators were equipped to create and execute individual education plans (IEPs) designed to cater to the distinct requirements of each child, especially those with mild autism. These plans involved modifying the curriculum content and delivery method to match the child's learning pace, utilizing concepts and tools that the child can easily understand and engage with.

    3. Parents were also engaged in training sessions – where 111 parents of the 71 children with mild autism were trained. These training sessions focused on strengthening their capacity to support their children’s integration into mainstream schools.

    4. Twelve (12) parents from Guyana and Jamaica were trained as parent trainers. These parents mobilized and conducted awareness sessions with 252 additional parents.

    5. Collaborative efforts between ChildLinK and the Ministry of Education (MoE) have yielded productive outcomes, with the MoE initiating policy initiatives aligned with the Special Education Needs (SEN) Policy draft.


    The One Life Too project has made advancements both in policy and at the grassroots level, especially in Guyana. Its success is demonstrated by the established sustainability measures. The Government of Guyana, through the Ministry of Education (MoE), is committed to persistently integrating children with disabilities into mainstream schools and enhancing teachers' abilities to aid learners with disabilities. On the grassroots front, parents will maintain their efforts to advocate for the well-being and safeguarding of children with mild autism. Moving forward, ChildLinK will emphasize the inclusion of children with disabilities in forthcoming project proposals.

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