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  • 217 BB Eccles, East Bank Demerara, Guyana

The Orchid Foundation provides much needed psycho social support to residents in Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara for over seven years. Orchid collaborates with Mercy Hospital to provide a monthly medical outreach to residents. Additionally, they provide counselling to victims of domestic violence and child abuse. Skills training is provided to members of Orchid’s women group so that they can add much needed income to provide for their family. There is also a youth group which provides wholesome activities and moral training to keep the youth occupied. The Orchid Foundation operates the Crisel Academy of Excellence which provides nursery, primary and secondary education at a minimal cost to cater for families in Parfaite Harmonie who cannot cover transportation cost for their children out of the community.

Role in the CRA

  • Orchid Foundation will provide sensitization sessions, child care counselling and parenting skills education to residents of Region 3. They will target 2,000 children for sensitization sessions, 200 children for child care counselling and 175 children for parenting skills education.
  • Orchid Foundation will engage regional stakeholders in both formal and informal sectors: Education, Welfare, Police, Health, Private Sector, Faith Based Organization and Community Leaders to form a regional network. This network will meet to discuss policies and procedures which can be put in place to protect children from abuse. The network will also assist in the sensitization and counselling efforts to increase awareness of child protection.

CRA Activities